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PhytoZon® contains the ONLY known compound that helps the cells naturally produce IGF-1 (Growth Factor) at the levels of a 20 year old.

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Please View the PhytoZon® Video above and Review the PhytoZon® Product Ingredients & Science Below: 

PhytoZon® Product Ingredients and Science

PhytoZon® is revolutionary product that comes to us from a team of 15 Doctors and research Scientists who travel the world in search of Phytonutrients that can have a positive impact on our health and wellness.

  Click on the Images below for More Information on the Benefits and Supporting Scientific Studies. 
Is a one-of-a-kind exclusive blend of nine proven ingredients, many patented or with patents pending, it is a true category creator.
The Benefits of PhytoZon®
With Over 500 Hundred ingredient specific Research and Clinical Studies, PhytoZon® was scientifically formulated to Enhance, Promote and Support:
  • Cellular Production of IGF-1 (Growth Factor) at the levels of a 20 Year Old. 
  • Energy, Vitality, Increased Strength, Well Being
  • Helps with Telomeres - Anti-Aging  
  • High Orac Anitoxidant Value 
  • Brain/ Body Balance – Mental Clarity, Focus/Recall
  • Joint Health, Flexibility, Mobility, Endurance
  • Skeletal Health, Posture, Back and Neck
  • DNA Repair on a Cellular Level
  • Mental Cognition and Concentration       
  • Heart Health, Eye Health, So Much More…


“My patients love PhytoZon®. We are seeing absolutely amazing life-changing results with PhytoZon®”     – Dr. Curtis Smith


“I believe millions of people could benefit from using PhytoZon®. It’s all about the quality of our daily life. “Our Health is Wealth”      – Dr. James Jensen, M.D.

Adaptogens Help With Telomeres!

Zangrado® & Progrado®
RNI 249®

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